Custom Chimes

All custom made one-of-a-kind chime sculptures are just that; created to be different and to please the buyer and fit the setting where they will be placed and enjoyed. The pictures in this section are intended to give a feel for some basic designs. You are encouraged to take any new direction in creating an original sculpture.

Your landscape is just screaming out for a Wind Echoes wind chime sculpture. Just imagine the possibilities in your flower or bush gardens, near that big rock or next to that lonesome tree, by the fence next to the pool, overlooking the fish pond or water garden waterfall, on the deck or standing high above the deck’s railing, along that quiet path or under a bedroom window, maybe near a bird feeder (birds love them); literally anywhere imaginable to enhance or perk up your large or small space.

If you simply cannot choose from Wind Echoes’ sizeable collection of regularly produced hand made products, indulge yourself in something only you will have, a one-of-a-kind creation.

Just call or email to start the process. And do allow some time for design and construction especially if unusual parts are requested.

Click on an image below to see a larger picture of each chime.

Large Round

Simple Forms

Double Freestanding

Unusual Hanging and Freestanding

Rustic / Primitive

Large Chimes