A Quick Look

Wind Chime Gardens

A Unique New Concept In Fundraising

Designed By:

Daryl Johnson, owner and creator of Wind Echoes Wind Chimes and Sculptures

What is a fundraising wind chime garden?

An expandable wind sculpture designed to raise money for any organization.

How does it work?

Wind Echoes will make and deliver or ship all chimes and hardware needed to create a fundraising wind chime garden.

How much money can be made?

Your wind chime garden can produce a few thousand dollars or many tens of thousands of dollars depending on how grand you want it to be.

What kind of organizations can use wind chime gardens for fundraising?

Virtually any organization with as little as a 4’ x 4’ bit of land to accommodate a wind sculpture.

Why choose Wind Echoes for fundraising?

Wind Echoes is a pioneer in wind chime fundraising with extensive experience in the design and construction of sculptural wind chimes.

Let’s get started!

Just call or email with your questions now! The income potential is huge. Your organization could benefit in a big way. Why wait!

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Unique translations of wind to sound to fundraising dollars.
The possibilities are endless!
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