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Fundraising Wind Chime Gardens

58 Shallow P0nd Dr., Centerville, MA 02632

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A Unique New Concept In Fundraising

  • What is a fundraising wind chime garden? 

A collection of large mellow sounding pipes presented in a sculptural garden type setting, to be sold individually as a fundraiser, and allowed to expand into a piece of artwork to be enjoyed by all for years to come.

  • How does it work?

The large chimes hang from a custom made tree.  Just install one wooden post per tree, attach the arms by using (1) one lag bolt, and hang the chimes. There are 24 chimes per tree. No up front charge except the post and engraving. Same thing for additional trees, never an up front charge.

  • How much money can be made?

Lots!! My (Wind Echoes) price per chime is $85.00. You only pay me after you get paid. Based on the general fundraising market, you might charge three times my cost. That’s $255.00 per chime. Selling all 24 chimes on one tree equals $6120.00 less my price of $2040.00 equals a profit for you of $4080.00. After you pay for the post and all engraving your profit is just about $4000.00 per tree. Not bad considering you paid me (Wind Echoes) nothing up front! Imagine the income possibilities along with the striking wind sculpture you will be creating. Your potential donors will be anxious to become part of the project.

  • What organizations can profit from a Wind Echoes Fundraising Wind Chime Garden?

Any organization or group can utilize and profit from a Wind Echoes Fundraising Wind Chime Garden. The smallest space needed is a 4’ x 4’ footprint. That’s the size of one tree and 24 chimes. More room is ideal as it offers the opportunity for a striking sculpture garden and tens, even hundreds of thousands of fundraising dollars.

  • Why choose Wind Echoes for fundraising?

Owner and creator, Daryl Johnson, has extensive experience designing and building sculptural wind chimes. Years have been spent creating the perfect design for any application. You simply won’t believe how easy it is to set up. And the weathered look is perfect for any application whether extensive or small. The artistic statement will be enjoyed by all. We’re small, we care, and we’re always there for support. If you are successful so are we. Everybody wins!


No money up front, ever!


Unique translations of wind to sound to fundraising dollars.