A Proposal

A Fundraising Wind Chime Garden Proposal

Designed Especially For Your Fundraising Efforts

In coordination with your development dept. and in house landscaping professional and/or volunteers, I will design a fundraising wind chime garden plan with emphasis on long term financial gain and sculptural beauty of your ever expanding wind chime garden.

The goal is to continually raise money year after year while creating an artistic event for all to enjoy and become a part of its musical benefits.

There can be levels of giving to allow lesser or more substantial donations. All donors can be recognized for their generosity by an inscription on a plaque.

The donor base will only increase as more individuals or groups pass through your organization.

One must understand the impact of this wind sculpture. It will be visually striking, only improving its impact with age. It is not made up of your run of the mill wind chimes. Rather, it is made up of an ever increasing number of large wind chime pipes weathering to blend with their surroundings. It is not loud sounding. It is mellow, like background music. It can become a very pleasant place for reflecting and thinking.

There is only one small investment required of you, one wooden post for each group of 24 chimes and plaques engraved any way you choose. The post can be installed by your staff or volunteers and will likely be done in about 30 minutes or less per post.

The rest is FREE. No cost to you. Assembly is very simple!

I am so confidant you will make big bucks over time that I am willing to supply all the materials needed to generate endless income for you. Exact profit depends on the sale price you choose. The total up front cost is the cost of a wooden post and the cost of plaques and engraving after the sale.  Approximately $4000.00 or more can be generated by only 24 chimes. That’s just the core beginning. It only gets better. And everything continues to be FREE except for the wooden posts, plaques, and engraving.

How do I get paid?

That’s easy. After you sell a chime, you pay me.  My price never changes. You never risk anything. I take all the risks. It never costs you anything except the posts, plaques, and engraving. The rest is all profit. It’s what I will call a win win for everyone. If you sell nothing, you end up with a striking wind sculpture at no cost to you. After you sell your first group of 24 chimes, I will deliver another group of 24 chimes. You can see that the sculpture will continually grow and the profits for you will really start to get serious. The visual appeal as the sculpture grows is a huge incentive for more donations to come in to your organization. I never get any payment up front! I only get paid after you get paid.

Here’s all I ask for taking all the risks.

You must make the Fundraising Wind Chime Garden part of your general fundraising campaign. Basically, give it a chance to work by making it known to all potential donors that this means of making a donation exists. As the project grows, you’ll find it will be a very easy sale. Everyone loves to be recognized for his or her donation. The very visible engraved plaques serve this purpose very nicely.

Also, I will have the right to use your new Fundraising Wind Chime Garden, including photos and published materials, as part of my promotional efforts to try to secure more work.

And of course, I expect to be paid by you in a timely manner after sales are made and money is collected. I may call from time to time to see how sales are going and whether or not you will need more fundraising chimes for your evolving sculpture.

There is a lot of money to be made for you as the Wind Chime Garden evolves. It is my hope that you will allow this fantastic fundraising project to continue in order to realize the true potential both artistically, sculpturally and financially.